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Need help finding distro that will work on my Dell Inspiron

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Need help finding distro that will work on my Dell Inspiron

Postby Johneames » Mon Nov 20, 2017 5:01 pm


I need a bit of help finding a distro that will work on my Dell Inspiron 1018 that I got for school. I know it's kind of outdated but thing is I'm short on money. Trying to run Lubuntu on it (I'm not very experienced with Linux and still using beginner distro's, MATE being my favourite) but as soon as the Lubuntu logo pops up (sometimes even right after the bootloader gone) it won't load anymore.
Seen more people having trouble with this thing running Linux, and haven't found anything that could make it work yet.

My question is: does someone or anyone know how to make any-at-all Linux distro work on this little netbook? Or one that works out of the box on this thing? I am very willing to learn a more advanced distro if that is necessary, though my preference goes to beginner distros. I have just 1 GB of DDR3 ram on it, and a Intel Atom processor. Lightweight distros are preferable though I'm willing to use something that will run somewhat slower, if that means I won't have to use Windows.

Thanks for reading and in advance for replying.

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