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Bad PSU might have damaged all hardware

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Bad PSU might have damaged all hardware

Postby Johneames » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:29 am


So what happened is that the PSU went bad (apparently) and the computer stopped turning on. At first, it would turn off randomly even with light use and eventually it stopped working. It would still power the lights of the motherboard but wouldn't even turn on the fans.

So I ordered a new PSU, EVGA 550 G3, and what happened is that when I first installed it and tried to power the computer it smelled like burnt. I immediately turned it off and found out that it was the SSD. I was happy that it wasn't the CPU or the VGA, right?
So what I thought is that the old PSU probably had damaged the SSD and trying to turn it on with the new one finished the job?

Please Help.


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