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banned from my own site?

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banned from my own site?

Postby Johneames » Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:03 am


i rarely check the webmail that comes along with my domain package. i decided to do so the other day, and went to webmail.[mydomain].com and i couldn't remember the login and password. i tried a bunch of possibilities that came to mind, and then suddenly the page wouldn't load. i tried a bunch of times but still nothing. then i found that i couldn't load the main page of my website [mydomain].com. at first i thought it was down, but i tried from a different internet connection and through a web proxy and then it came up.

all i can make out is that my ip address has been banned from my own web site for not entering the correct password in the webmail too many times. how can i unban myself?
and maybe i should go through the forums looking for this one but while i'm right here i'll just ask: once i'm unbanned, how can i retrieve the correct username and password for the webmail client?

Please help

Thanks !

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