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I do not want to repeat ... Emery told P $ G to learn from t

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I do not want to repeat ... Emery told P $ G to learn from t

Postby tom » Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:45 pm

Paris Saint Germain - Saint Germain Saying that his team learned a lot from the game that defeated Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League last season.

The last 16 games of last season "Pesche" open house collapsed bar, 4-0 Bar called the preparation of the Chinese table to celebrate.

However, the second match at the Camp Nou. "Outsiders" created a miraculous defeat 6-1 slashed to the final.

This season, Pesche is a strong addition to the Ding Nayaram and Kilimanjaro is the team to win the championship. But their first opponent in the knockout phase is the old champion, Real Madrid.

"Maybe the preparations for this game may have started with the game (losing to Barça)," Emery told reporters before breaking into Santiago. Berne on Wednesday night.

"When things are bad, you learn from it. Our team is ready to compete at this level. We have more experience and better prepared. "

"This game is a great opportunity for us. We will play with the champion and the team that is the most championship. We want to meet this competition. "

"We respect the competition very much, but we are very confident in our ability to be in the finals. This is a great opportunity to show that we are progressing, "he said.sbobet 789
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